About us

Neutral Airfreight Consultants is a privately owned company with decades of experience in forwarding. Acting as your neutral and reliable partner with the head office located at Liege Airport. Also know as the main logistics hub of Europe.

Dedicated, anticipating teams and personal involvement ensuring to offer you the best solutions to your logistical challenges. By air, ocean, truck or multi modal solutions.

With quick access to a reliable worldwide network of agents, decades of experience in solving the toughest problems that occur in the logistics, we are your 24/7 NEUTRAL PARTNER.

Mission and vision

Our employees: the key to success

By far our most important asset: our people. Motivated, committed and highly trained, we take pride in what we achieve.

Focus on our partners

Our long-term plan is to grow with our partners by providing a constant flow of high-quality service.


we are highly committed to provide our customers and partners with the best possible service. Our employees are facilitated and supported by a well experienced, down to earth and strong management with extensive networks in all fields of logistics.

Our suppliers

Suppliers and subcontractors contribute to an excellent service. Therefor we treat them as part of our company.

Our Staff

Imran Önder

Managing Director +32 486 72 47 11

About me

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